Operation of ships
container ships

We operate container ships in the public areas of the Port of Montevideo, with more than 1,800 mts. of available dockage, using 8 mobile cranes (6 of which are Super Post Panamax) with the versatility of operating in one or several docks simultaneously.

Storage of containers

Storage and custody of containers with dangerous goods

Energy supply and monitoring of containers with perishable cargo

repair for containers

Transport and transfer
of containers

Associated logistics services

Empowering every business

By providing customized services for every sector we build long lasting relationships. Each segment has its own specific characteristics which are analyzed at Montecon, complying with the best practices of every industry. We are driven by Uruguay.

Forestry & Port

The forestry industry represents an important percentage of the exports of our country and a significant percentage of the GNP, with a future exponential growth which we must specifically address.

Pharma & Port

Being the Pharma sector (both for human consumption and veterinary products) an incipient segment in the maritime transport, we create services and solutions tailored to a high value-added industry with specific needs.

Meat processing industry & Port

This is a traditional Uruguayan industry, globally acknowledged for its high quality. It complies with all sanitary control and traceability requirements building trust in the final consumer. We are committed to the logistics chain in order to keep the brand and guarantee the quality of Uruguayan meats high.

Cereals/Grains & Port

Rice, soya, corn, wheat, barley and other grains and cereals are the basis of the world's diet and our country is a model producer that projects itself to important centers of consumption through its quality products. Montecon offers its specialized services to provide Uruguayan producers with the necessary support to project their businesses.

Dairy & Port

Strongly rooted in Uruguay's productive culture, the industrial sector of dairy and its derivatives requires excellent connectivity in appropriate conditions, with global centers of mass consumption. Montecon offers its adaptation capacity to specific requirements of the food chain for its development.