Warehouse in Free Port


Close to Quay C, we offer intra-port warehouse service, DEPO20. It has 4,000 m2 indoor goods storage space with multiple positions for rack space and 4,000 m2 open air areas, operated under the benefits of the free port regime, storage and handling of stock, stuffing, consolidation, racking, labeling and related logistics services.


Montecon's highly trained staff, added to our infrastructure, of which DEPO20 itself is part, allows us to provide a multiplicity of services in coordination with the container and general cargo and project operations. This synergy and cooperation are very important differentials for our customers. From the dock to the final delivery to the customer are part of a service that only Montecon through DEPO20 offers.

Our Structure




Racking, labeling and relabeling.

Outdoor capacity

+ 4000 m2

Indoor capacity

+ 4000 m2