Who we are

Montecon is the main operator of the public areas, both for containers, general cargo and project cargo. Our clients receive an integral service of world class quality.

Since 2000 the company has been developing with strength, to the point that it is one of the main operators of the Port of Montevideo. Montecon is a company belonging to Neltume Ports (www.neltumeports.cl), whose shareholders are Ultramar (Chilean company) and ATCO (Canadian Group based in Alberta), which makes us part of a leading company in port development and operations in the region.

This combination allows us to project great aspirations of logistic development for Uruguay.

Leaders in port logistics

In Montecon we have an experienced and trained team. Our people is one of our most important values. We are proud of the team we have, where years of port experience converge, with a permanent update of new technologies and working methods.

In our corporate culture, we care about the person. We want you to feel comfortable working in our company, we like to motivate you and accompany your growth. We value teamwork and the constant effort to improve. We expressly promote internal mobility to fill vacancies, as well as constant training. It is also within this framework that labour relations are of paramount importance.

We promote permanent dialogue and the search for joint alternatives.
Above all, we are port workers. This fills us with pride, and motivates us to improve ourselves every day, giving the best of us in pursuit of a first class service.

Montevideo Free Port

Uruguayan regulations allow adding value to goods in transit within the port customs exclave. To the extent that this process does not change the nature of the cargo, cargo may be subject to fractioning, packing, stuffing, among others, to be later distributed to regional markets without the need of being introduced to the country through customs. This condition also allows transshipment movements to be carried out without much paperwork and with strong response capacity to special needs. These regulations are one of the key aspects that the Port of Montevideo has had to become a regional transshipment center.