Business Technology

Complete infrastructure and versatile equipment allow the owner to delegate the operation of the ship and manage equipment with the guarantee of being in a safe port. Switchyard equipment allows to manage in real time the movements of each operation.

Our technology to improve operations

Speeding-up our performance through Robotic Process Automation

Montecon applies RPA technology to rethink repetitive tasks that require processing large volumes of information such as invoice registration, bank reconciliation, receipt generation, etc.

World-wide data follow-up and protection through Blockchain

Being part of Blockchain's technology implemented in multiple industries allows to generate a distributed, scalable and secure network for data sharing.

5G faster connections

Montecon uses the 5G network due to its potential to change the way in which we use the Internet and business connectivity networks, achieving speeds up to 10 times faster.

Intelligent physical security through Computer Vision

With the help of artificial intelligence we scan static images and videos and generate alerts when situations to be monitored are detected.


We generate trees of attention for frequent consultations and to offer attention to the clients by means of a massive and accessible channel like whatsapp or a chat web; extending the schedule of attention to 24 hours the 7 days of the week.