Integrated Management System

Environment and protection of operations

Montecon directs its activities and management towards sustainable development, undertaking the commitment to protect the integrity, safety and health of the people it works with, taking care of the environment and working on continuous improvement. Prevention is also an inseparable component of the implementation of our activities. Likewise, we undertake to ensure the protection of cargoes, its operations and the prevention of unlawful activities. A commitment not only towards employees but also towards customers, suppliers, other subcontractors and the port community in which it operates.

No alcohol, no drugs

Alcohol and drugs seriously impair health and family life. Montecon strictly forbids working under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Zero accident

Our efforts are directed at preventing accidents and occupational diseases, promoting safe and responsible behavior, as well as eliminating hazards and reducing risks.

Continuous improvement

We encourage dialogue, participation and input from everyone aiming for continuous improvement, striving for excellence.

Care for the environment

We guide our management to reduce the risks with negative impacts on the environment from their origin, minimizing the generation of waste and making a disposal according to their nature. We promote a rational use of natural resources.

Do what is right

We comply with applicable regulations and add our own integrity requirements. The use of our facilities, infrastructure and processes for unlawful activities is strictly forbidden. “Doing what is right” is a personal attitude highly valued by us.

The quality of our services is guaranteed and updated: